Interactive Design, Development, and Strategy

Always having had an affinity for computers, and after studying art history and fine arts in college, I eventually settled into doing a mix of identity and print design, web design, and, primarily, front-end web development work.

In my work, I prioritize flexible and elegant solutions to realizing beautiful and simple user experience. Technology is always changing, but core principles stay relevant; I seek to apply my history and knowledge to the new problems and opportunities that present themselves around every turn. For example, accessibility has always been a key goal, but this means new things in a world full of all kinds of devices.

Though the greatest depth my expertise lies in front-end development, the breadth of my experience allows me to appreciate my work from various perspectives: being faithful to the design, taking server requirements into account, and, most of all, respecting the user’s desire to get what they want, quickly and painlessly.

My interest has always been to produce quality work for organizations that do social good, though I’ve also had experience delivering high-end products for Fortune 500 companies, artists, and all sorts of other folks.