DWR Contract

DWR Contract

Another collaboration with Exobi, this time, I handled all the front-end development of the site based on designs delivered by DWR. Among other things, this site sports some CRM integration with SalesForce as well as a responsive iFrame product area that had to be seamlessly integrated into the site.

Southwire Sustainability

Southwire Sustainability

The Southwire Sustainability designed by Jennifer Griffith, at BrownFlynn, a sustainability consultancy. We collaborated on the design of many data visualization and interactive features of the site, not only ensuring a rich experience, but that it would transition gracefully from one type of device to another. The Sustainability Journey and Materiality Matrix were particularly fun projects to work on.

Titan Machine

Home of Titan Machine site, feeding info in from various other places on the site

An elevator equipment furnisher was in need of an updated, which is easy to maintain, which allows users to interface with their company information as well as to contact and upload files to Titan Machine. The site exhibits videos as well as various interactive features (accordions, etc.). I was responsible for all development on this project.

DWR Blog

Design Within Reach Blog Homepage

I worked with Exobi Interactive on finishing up the front-end of DWR’s current blog website, as well as adding some rich interactivity and customization.

One Source Water

Homepage of One Source Water Website, featuring bold, editable content

One Source Water is a company that delivers bottleless water coolers (they filter, and cool and heat, the tap water) which needed a simple and elegant site with custom content. The site features unique content areas and a layout that can stretch infinitely along the x-axis.

Bruce Adolphe

Homepage for Bruce Adolphe personal portfolio website

Site for a NYC-based chamber music composer, music educator, author, and just generally brilliant person. Simple site, made easy to update, featuring custom content areas, video, audio, etc. The site also sports a header bar that takes up less space as you scroll down, in order to optimize the space.


Feminsiting Home page - desktop view

I was responsible for all front-end development on the latest redesign of Feministing.com. The site is one of, if not the, oldest overtly feminist blogs/news websites in existence. Largely written and run by a large group of talented writers, it also boasts a strong community of bloggers posting their own stories. This presented particular problems in terms of handling all of the traffic and sources of content, especially considering all of the dynamically loading content and other features. In the end, it’s a fast, responsive, and modern site which still delivers fresh analysis and funny gifs.